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Jerod-Speaking-at-West-Jessamine-High-School“What a rollercoaster ride to redemption – I laughed, I cried, and I cheered”

Kristy Hudson
Director of Social Services
Kentucky River Foothills


“When Jerod spoke to our team, it was the most important team meeting of the off season. What a powerful message”

Dean Hood
Head Football Coach
Eastern Kentucky University


“I have Jerod come to the jail and speak every year, it lets the men and women in my facility know that it is never too late to turn their life around. They listen to him because he has been there himself.”

Barry Harmon
Boyle County Jailer


“I recommend every teenager and young adult hear this man’s story – AMAZING”

Martha E Kobes
Director of Prevention
Bluegrass Prevention


“Jerod Thomas made a difference in my life! When I met him I was homeless, hopeless, and lost. Today I am working in a treatment center and getting ready to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services.”

Mickey Crafton
Residential Aide, Recovery Works


Hello Mr. Thomas
I heard you speak at the training last week and I was blown away. You were my favorite part of the training and I held on to every word. I am the coordinator with the Youth Investment Program. My program works with high school seniors at Estill and Powell County that are at risk. My students may be low income, have one parent in the family, may be a parent themselves, or simply they are in trouble at school. They are referred to me by principals, counselors, teachers, and social workers.

I will be having a graduation party for them on June 12 at 6:30pm. Do you think you would be able to come and speak? I really think you could reach some of them. Please let me know how much you charge and if you are available that night.

Thank you

Linda Huettner
Youth Investment Program Coordinator


I really appreciate you coming to speak last night. I had five phone calls this morning from people that didn’t come that already heard about the message you gave. The girls from Hope Hill told the director about you last night and he called me. I really appreciate the impact you had on everyone, you’re an amazing person doing amazing things!!!

Jenny Howell
Outreach Coordinator, Region 5
Coventry Cares of KY


Dear Mr. Thomas,
On behalf of the National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Services, I would like to express their sincere thanks for your participation in the committee’s meeting at Marcum Wallace Hospital in Irvine.

The Committee appreciates your taking the time to share your insights regarding the healthcare challenges facing your community. Your perspective will definitely help inform the Committee’s policy recommendations. Thank you for your dedication to serving your community and your continued public service. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Steven Hirsch
Executive Secretary
National Advisory Committee on Rural Health and Human Service


Mr. Thomas,

I was at First Baptist Church today and heard your story.  First let me say that I was completely moved and thought it was awesome! You did a great job telling your story and you are right…….. You are very lucky and blessed! I admire you for opening up and letting others hear and learn from you. I am the school social worker for a high school in Madison County called Madison Southern High. I think you were approached by Major Terry to speak to the football team here but wondered if instead we could have you speak to more students. I think that our student body would benefit from hearing your story as well.  I would love to speak with you about this possibility and working out logistics to make this happen for our students. Let me know your thoughts if you would be able to do this.  You can contact me at school (XXX) XXX-XXXX or my cell phone (XXX) XXX-XXXX. Again, thanks so much! You are a phenomenal speaker!

 Misty Murphy MSW, CSW, CSSW
Madison Southern High School
School Social Worker


Hi Jerod

I am the Family Resource and Youth Service Coordinator at Paris Middle and High Schools. I attended the DRUGS: Diverse Resources United for a Great Solution Conference last Friday and heard you speak on addiction.  Your message is so powerful and I would love for our students to hear your story.  We are a very small school with approximately 80% of the students living in poverty.  Our students and their families really struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. Would you be interested in speaking to our students? If so please let me know a good date, time, and cost.  Thank you!

Kasey Spicer, MSW
Family Resource & Youth Service Center Coordinator
Paris Middle and High Schools


Hi, Jerod!

I just wanted to thank you for participating in Madison County ASAP’s community forum a couple weeks ago. From survey’s collected, everyone really enjoyed your story and were extremely thankful to have you there. I just wanted to send you this link from the Richmond Register (newspaper) who covered our conference for us. Good coverage, but more importantly, a lot of your story was inputted in it. So, thank you, thank you, and thank you, for speaking at our forum.


Kind regards,

Sarah Heimann, Prevention Specialist
Bluegrass Prevention Center


Hi Jerod,

My name is Jessica and I heard you speak at a Recovery conference a couple months ago.  I loved your story, I was hanging on every word!  I am hosting a recovery event in my home town this coming month on Saturday the 22nd and I was wondering if you would be willing to come and tell your story?

Jessica Scott Duval, CSW, CADC
Phase I Coordinator
Liberty Place Recovery Center for Women